Jealous Wife Hacks off Husbands Private Parts

A psycho jealous wife has hacked off her husband’s private parts … again. Han Zhang, 30, initially sliced off Han Mou’s member when he asked for a divorce, fearing he had another love interest.

Crushing sleeping pills into his drink, she went to work after he passed out — and flushed his penis down the toilet before he woke up, EChinaCities reports. Arrested by cops in Anhui, China, she was soon released on bail and returned home to look after her husband and children as she awaited trial. But, just three months after the first alleged assault, she again became angry after her husband insisted on the separation.

Her husband had started searching for a woman to act as stepmother to their kids in case Zhang was sent to jail — prompting the jealous wife to slip him more pills, EChinaCities reports. Han woke up the following morning to find “everything” had gone. Zhang dialed for an ambulance before handing herself in to cops.



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