Socialite Strips Naked, Jumps off Roof of Beverly Hills Building

A British socialite stripped naked and fatally jumped from the top of a 15-story Beverly Hills high-rise last week, after undergoing a facelift. Sandra D’Auriol, 53, stood nude atop the Camden Medical Arts building for about three hours as police tried to talk her down until she leaped from the ledge on Jan. 22, authorities said. The bleeding woman was rushed to a local hospital, but she could not be saved.

Investigators were trying to determine if D’Auriol — a jeweler who once worked for Asprey, which supplies the Royal Family — may have been been suffering from a bad reaction to her anesthesia when she jumped. D’Auriol, who lived in Hong Kong with her artist husband, went to the building the day before to see Dr. Brian Novack — a popular plastic surgeon. Novack performed the nip-and-tuck procedure, which required D’Auriol to spend the night for observation. But when the mother of two woke the next morning, she suddenly snapped and ventured to the roof of the building. Novack had not yet commented on the death, but the local CBS affiliate reported that two employees at the office told them they recently resigned without explaining why.

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