Selling Houses to Nudists

A Florida realtor who specializes in selling property to nudists is seen on the job in a new two-part fly-on-the wall titled Buying Naked. The episodes, premiering on TLC on November 20, see Jackie Youngblood, an active nudist herself, meeting with clients and talking about life in Pasco County – widely considered the ‘nudist capital of the world’ with over 150,000 non-clothed residents. In a preview clip she exclaims: ‘When people want to buy nudist real estate they come to me. I’ve already sold over 25 homes to nudists this year.’ Watch the video clip below.

Buying Naked premieres on Wednesday, November 20 at 10pm ET


  1. The nudist etiquette mentioned on this show is ridiculous. You can’t hug people, you have to carry a towel in one hand wherever you go, and you’re expected to inhibit your vision with sunglasses if you have trouble making eye contact?

    Just be reasonable and put on some clothes. Clothes aren’t just for the sake of sexual modesty. They’re also very practical.

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