Hair salon owner Fay Wesley was eating a steak meal with her husband when she became unwell, a coroner has heard. The 68-year-old coughed up the glass but it had already cut her carotid artery, causing a fatal reaction which led to her death.

The coroner described the incident as “absolutely freakish” after hearing that nobody could explain how more than 30 fragments of glass had got into the English mustard pot. Mrs Wesley and her husband Alan, who between them ran a string of hairdressing salons, had sat down together for evening dinner when the horrific incident happened. She chose a pot of English mustard instead of her husband’s favourite French mustard to add to the meal of steak, peas and dumplings, the inquest heard. Mrs Wesley – who had just overcome a brain aneurysm – begged husband of 51 years, Alan, to pat her on the back as she struggled to breathe as they ate a dinner of steak, peas and dumplings. The shard of glass – one of 30 which had somehow made their way into the pot of mustard – damaged her carotid artery, causing a massive bleed behind her throat which led to her airways swelling and ultimately deprived her brain of oxygen.

Mmmm seems a bit strange to me, all that glass in a mustard jar!


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