Food Stamps – “It’s Free Food, It’s Awesome”

A California ‘beach bum’ has no job, surfs and drinks when he wakes up every afternoon and has no intentions of finding employment anytime in the near future – yet, he eats lobster or gourmet sushi everyday. Jason Greenslate, 29, owes his successful culinary mooching to one thing: food stamps. Greenslate recently was profiled on Fox News for a special segment about the abuses of the nation’s food stamp program. And despite mooching off American taxpayers for a living, Greenslate is remarkably unapologetic, nor does he feel any shame for abusing a system designed to help people who truly are in need.  ‘This is the way I want to live and I don’t really see anything changing,’ Greenslate said in the interview. ‘It’s free food; it’s awesome.’ During a later interview with the Huffington Post, Greenslate added that ‘I don’t feel like a bum. I pull hot chicks, drive nice cars, dress nice and wear the most baddest jewelry in the world.’

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