New Survivor: Blood vs Water Cast

This season (the show’s 27th, titled “Survivor: Blood vs. Water”) will feature returning players competing alongside their loved ones. CBS announced the names of the 20 castaways on Wednesday. They include “Survivor” alumni like Rupert Boneham, Tina Wesson and Colton Cumbie, who had to be medically evacuated during “Survivor: One World.”


They’re not the only faces reality TV fans will recognize — the cast also includes Hayden Moss, winner of the 12th season of “Big Brother” (he’s paired up with his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson of “Survivor: One World”). This makes Moss the first person to have competed on both “Big Brother” and “Survivor.” This season will also feature the return of Redemption Island, where eliminated castaways get a chance to return to the game for another shot at the $1 million prize. But there’s a new twist: This season, loved ones will have the chance to “save” their partner on Redemption Island and switch places with them, thus allowing their loved one to immediately re-enter the game, or leave them in exile to survive on their own.

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” will premiere with a 90-minute episode Wednesday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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