Hundreds of Streakers Run Through London Zoo

Humans are not usually the star attraction at London Zoo but 300 naked people painted in tiger-skin made sure all eyes were on them. The sponsored event – called Streak for Tigers – last night was to highlight a rare subspecies of the creature, the Sumatran tiger, of which only 300 remain. Participants said they felt empowered by the experience which raised £40,000 for the Sumatran Tiger Campaign which will use it to fund conservation work of the critically endangered tiger. Archivist Jess Smith, 22, from Ealing, said: “We have wiped out so many animals already and it would be devastating if we wiped the tigers out as well so it’s important to raise awareness of the issue.“Streaking was the weirdest thing I have ever done in my life but it did feel kind of exhilarating

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