Seattle Sounders Fan Gets Dempsey Tattoo

For one diehard Seattle Sounders fan the signing of Clint Dempsey was such a landmark moment in the club’s history that he decided to get a tattoo of the former Spurs striker’s face on his neck. Unfortunately, the likeness to Dempsey is not quite there, there is a certain hint of former Crystal Maze host Richard O’Brien to the design, and the fact his head is resting on Sounders cleats adds to the ‘charm’ of the body art. Lorin ‘Big Lo’ Sandretzky already has form for getting tattoos of his favourite sportsmen – the face of Seattle Mariners’ pitcher Felix Hernandez currently adorns his arm – so it is no surprise he has gone down this road again. Sandretzky is considered to be Seattle’s biggest ever sports fan and even has a business card to prove the claim. However, after how the Dempsey tattoo turned out, he may want his money back from the artist who created the questionable design.

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