Monster Colorado Fire Takes Lives

The remains of two people killed trying to flee the most destructive Colorado wildfire on record were found on Thursday as crews fought to keep the fierce, wind-driven blaze from roaring into the outskirts of Colorado Springs. The blaze has ripped across more than 24 square miles of rolling, forested terrain northeast of Colorado Springs since it erupted on Tuesday, forcing some 38,000 people to flee their homes. With the fire still burning largely unchecked and driven by erratic 30 mile per hour winds that showed no sign of diminishing, officials on Thursday ordered mandatory evacuations of about 1,000 homes in the northern tip of Colorado Springs that were considered to be in imminent danger. “Load your family, and pets and GO NOW,” the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet. The area lies just to the east of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Authorities said 360 homes were ruined and the fate of 79 others was unknown on Thursday evening. The latest tally of destroyed homes surpassed the previous record of 346 dwellings demolished last year on the northwestern fringe of Colorado Springs by the so-called Waldo Canyon fire, then deemed the most destructive blaze in state history.


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