KitchenAid Moves Manufacturing of Mixers back to USA from China

KitchenAid’s stand mixer is one of the most recognizable cooking appliances in U.S. history. But the product’s growth in global markets is baking up some big job numbers in Darke County. With more than a quarter million square feet under one roof, Whirlpool Corp.’s KitchenAid plant in Greenville, Ohio looks as much like a city bustling with activity as it does a manufacturing facility. The facility even has its own wastewater treatment operation, which is found in a remote hallway leading to the paint lab. The plant — which also cranks out blenders and hand mixers — is the lone manufacturer in the world for the stand mixer, Kitchenaid’s flagship product. And that has fueled its growth to 1,000 workers, including 800 company employees and 200 temps. Whirlpool also made a big splash when it moved production of its hand mixers back to Greenville from China about 18 months ago. Hand mixers take up a fraction of the plant’s space, but the work brought more jobs and stability. Greenville Plant leader Ken Hossler said production this year is right on target so as long as demand is there, the company will beat the record again in 2013. [Source]


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