Worst Bands of the 90s According to Rolling stone Poll

Rolling Stone recently released a poll on who was voted the worst band of the 90s.  There were definately some surprises and then some that we all knew would be on there.  But then I also had to keep in mind that this is from Rolling Stone magazine and Rolling Stone readers who I just feel have very limited appreciation for good music and good lyrics in a song.

Rolling Stone’s worst bands of the 1990s

10. Dave Matthews Band
9. Ace of Base
8. Spin Doctors
7. Bush
6. Hootie and the Blowfish
5. Nirvana
4. Hanson
3. Limp Bizkit
2. Nickelback
1. Creed

Rolling Stone say: “It’s no surprise Creed won this poll – it wasn’t even close. This is a band so hated that their own fans sued them after a famously bad show in Chicago in 2003. Scott Stapp is so despised that when a video surfaced of him getting a blowjob next to Kid Rock, Kid Rock said he was mainly embarrassed people learned he was hanging out with Scott Stapp. Creed is basically as popular as Alter Bridge right now.”

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