World Naked ‘Star Wars’ Gardening Day

May 4th is the first ever World Naked Star Wars Gardening Day (mark your calenders people).  This is a 24 hour period where Star Wars fans are encouraged to water plants and do other gardening activities without clothes.

This hybrid holiday is the brainchild of Ritch Duncan, a columnist at Dumb As A Blog and a big “Star Wars” geek. He’d like to admit he came up the concept a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but he’d be lying. “I just thought of it,” he admitted to The Huffington Post. “I was writing up something about ‘Star Wars Day’ anyway and then someone told about World Naked Gardening Day and I decided to combine the two.” Duncan suggests people who want to join in on the festivities have a lot of options, such as getting several friends to wear nothing but Tuskan Raider masks and then garden in single file lines, “to hide your numbers, but nothing else.

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