‘People’s Daily’ Phallic Shaped Building

Chinese newspaper ‘People’s Daily’ is used to breaking news, but recently it became the news after some dirty, dirty minds realized the paper’s new headquarters was starting to look like, well, a giant penis. The building, which stands 150 meters tall, is currently under construction in Beijing. Due to its rather distinctive shaft — er, shape — mischievous pictures of the construction zone began cropping up on China’s Twitter equivalent, Sina Weibo. More than one person pointed out that, with a little creative Photoshopping, the “Giant Penis” building fit snugly between the “legs” of the infamous China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters, sometimes referred to as the “Big Underpants” building. Phallic puns aside, word of the mockery soon reached China’s censors, who were decidedly unamused and set about spoiling everyone’s fun, reports the South China Morning Post. Now, Weibo visitors searching for “People’s Daily building” are instead met with this message: “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, search results cannot be displayed.” [Source]

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