Windows 8, a Big Fail

“We can call it now, Windows 8 is a flop” Said Leo Laporte on his Sunday This Week in Tech podcast.  Citing the generally frigid reception by consumers to the latest Windows operating system, most pundits will point to the radical change to a touch centric interface.  The question that hasn’t been asked is: is it really a case of outright rejection of the Windows 8 Modern (Metro) interface or just bad timing. It’s no secret that sales of Desktop PC’s have been declining over the past few years and the rise of portable devices like the IPAD and the Smartphone have largely been responsible for it. But more recently the declining sales have been blamed on the Windows 8 operating system.  If you want to say Windows 8 is a flop you’d be justified to blame it on the new UI but not because it’s necessarily a bad design.  OEM’s had been warning Microsoft since the spring of 2012 that they wouldn’t have hardware ready to take advantage of the new touch UI.  When October came around most chose to release hardware meant for Windows 7.  That resulted in making Windows  8 seem more cumbersome than revolutionary and virtually guaranteed its failure.[Source]

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