Spring Break Texas, ‘Largest Party on Earth’!

60,000 college students descend on South Padre Island, Texas for their annual Spring Break, a non-stop orgy of drinking and partying.  For days on end they assemble at the notorious Coca-Cola beach for sun, sand, sea and no parents in sight at what the Travel Channel has called ‘the biggest beach party on the planet’.  In one day alone, there there were more than 60 casualties including at least 15 people who had taken drugs.  Dozens more, many of whom were underage, had drunk too much and either passed out or collapsed in the arms of medics. Padre, as it is known, was recently voted the second most trashy Spring Break destination by Code Magazine (Las Vegas was first) and it wasn’t hard to see why. Coca-Cola beach sits in front of the Isla Grand Hotel on what should be a picturesque part of the Texas coast on the border with Mexico.  Instead it is littered with trash including thousands of discarded beer cans which are collected at the end of each day by Mexican immigrants (they get 65 cents a pound for the recycling, one told me with a smile).


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